Recipe: Swedish Flatbread bakestone Recipes

Title: Swedish Flatbread (bakestone Recipes)
Categories: Breads, Breakfast
Servings: 8

8 oz Ground wholemeal flour
8 oz Rye or barley flour
1 t Salt
8 fl Lukewarm water*

*You may need as much as 12 fl total. -- Blend the flours together with
the salt. Mix in sufficient water to bind together into a dough -- the
quantity will depend on the types of flour used. -- Beat until dough
leaves the sides of the bowl, then turn onto a floured board and knead
thoroughly. Heat the bakestone over a moderate heat and grease it.
Divide the dough into four and roll one quarter out into a round as thin
as possible. Using a plate about 8 inches wide, trim the edges into a
neat circle. Prick all over to prevent the dough bubbling while cooking.
~- Transfer to the bakestone and cook over a moderate heat for about 15
minutes, or until slightly colored. Then turn and cook the other side.
Repeat with the rest of the dough, working up the trimmings for re-shaping
and baking. -- Cool on a wire tray. When cold, store in an airtight
container. (Danish-butter-cookie containers, the big ones, are good for

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