Recipe: Poule Deau Jambalaya

Title: Poule D'eau Jambalaya
Categories: Meats
Yield: 1 servings

2 lb Smoked sausage, sliced 6 ea Celery stalks, chopped
2 lb Rabbit, deboned & cubed 1 ea Shallots, bunch, chopped
1 ea Garlic head, chopped 3 ea Bell peppers, chopped
3 lb Onions, chopped 1 x Salt
1 cn Tomatoes, blended, Ro-Tel 6 ea Bay leaves
1/2 ea Worcestershire sauce, bottle 3 ea Parsley, fresh/chopped/sprig
1 cn Mushrooms, button 3 lb Rice, raw

Brown sausage in a black iron pot (10 Qt min) over medium heat for 10
minutes. Remove and put aside. Add rabbit to residual juices in pot and
cook uncovered over medium heat until well browned. Add onions and garlic,
cook covered until onions become transparent. Add Ro-Tel, Pickapepper and
mushrooms (incl. juice) and cook covered over low heat for 1/2 hour. Add
celery, shallots, bell pepper and salt to taste, and cook covered over low
heat for 20 minutes. Now add as much hot water as necessary to achieve
consistency of stew. Turn heat to high. When boiling (rolling), add bay
leaves, parsley, rice and sausage, mix well. Cook uncovered on high until
liquid reduced to level of rice. Cover and cook low for 1/2 hr. Turn mix,
continue to done. Recipe date: 12/07/74

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